Kelvin Betances

Kelvin Betances

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Kelvin Betances


New York University


Web Design and Development
Mobile Friendly Web Design
Mobile App Development (iOS and Hybrid)


New York City

Years of Experience

Web Development: 6 Years
Mobile App Development: 6 Years

About me

I have a broad stroke of experiences across many software development paradigms, from developing websites for clients as a freelance web developer, creating analytics and cyber security applications for Fortune 50 companies, to also developing my own mobile apps as an entrepreneur.

My Skills

The human element plays a fundamental role in software development. I pride myself in not only being a versatile software developer with a broad set of skills, but also a professional with solid interpersonal, design, and collaborative skills. I have a potent mix of both client-facing, communicative, and customer oriented skills and different software paradigms.






C / Objective C






Product Design

Project Management


Customer Service


Portfolio 4

Ellis is a event attendance and polling app that allows event organizers to take attendance at events without sign-in sheets or expensive scanners. Read more here

Portfolio 4

ReEvent is a college event promotion and discovery app that allows college students to better promote their events and reach new audiences. Users recieve events based on their majors and interests and could form groups of friends and chat. Read more here

Portfolio 4

I am currently in the running for the hit show, SharkTank and have won casting competitions at both NYU and Rutgers for my hit app, ReEvent . Read more here

Portfolio 5
Mellisa-Harris Perry Show

I had the opportunity to represent millennial Latino entrepreneurs on the Melissa Harris-Perry show featured on MSNBC and give a few words on my aspirations after graduating NYU and what it means to be a millennial in America.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Portfolio 6

I helped contribute performance and visual updates to one of the most popular annuity information websites in the world. Some of my contributions involve modernization of the website and contributing to the UI redesign of over 10 pages throughout the site. Check it out here

Portfolio 4
Delicia Bakery

Delicia Bakery is a third generation family run bakery located in the South Bronx. The owner was also a fellow NYU Student and entrepreneur. Check it out here

academic and professional experiences


New York University

College of Arts and Science


June 2011 - May 2015

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Web Development.

Work Experience

Mobile Application Developer and IIOT Analyst


2+ Years

Jan 2016 - Present

• Developed a native iOS app called EAMS on Demand that helps manufacturing plant engineers search and request assets and maintenance parts. Engineers could also check preventative maintenance schedules and order parts and assets needed to minimize maintenance downtime.

• Assisted in the development and deployment of predictive and descriptive machine learning models that determine cause and time to failure for production essential manufacturing units like air handlers. The models will help Pfizer save millions of dollars a year by helping optimize maintenance repairs and preemptively detect anomalies in performance that could stop or harm production.

• Developed Splunk based cyber security dashboards to help Pfizer’s Global Information Security Team visualize and detect external intrusions and malware installations on employee devices. Spunk Power User certification was achieved in Feb 2017.

• Lead efforts with the Architecture and Solution Delivery Team and developed the iPad and iPhone versions of Finance on Demand, Pfizer's most popular finance reporting and document sharing system.

• Collaborated with the PGS BT Plant Network Team and lead efforts to create a strategic plan and initiative to improve the team Sharepoint and document storage systems.

Learn more about Pfizer here

Founder and Lead Software Developer

ReEvent LLC

4+ Years

Feb 2014 - Present

• Founded a freelance business while still an NYU undergraduate student specialized in designing and building native mobile and web applications.

• Currently manage a team of business and technology experts to foster relationships with clients and build a company culture of innovation and hard work to better deliver helpful software to businesses and educational institutions.

• Developed ReEvent, a college event promotion and exploration app for iOS that helps college students receive events catered to their interests and career goals. ReEvent won SharkTank casting competitions at both NYU and Rutgers Business School, received an angel investment, and is currently still being updated and maintained by the ReEvent team.

• Developed Ellis, an iOS app that helps event organizers easily track attendance and feedback at events, without the need for long lines to scan a badge or ticket or signing an attendance sheet.

• Designed and developed websites for clients in politics, healthcare, university student life, and financial planning.

Learn more about ReEvent here

Learn more about Ellis here

IT and Software Developer

Moody's Shared Services

3 Months

June 2014 - August 2014

- Worked closely with team members in many different sales and engineering teams to develop a much simpler and efficient training module for incoming employees.

- Learned VBA programming and developed a scalable, memory efficient script to automate several HR spreadsheet procedures. An otherwise 2 hour task of iterating over 40,000 rows of employee information by hand was converted to a 2-3 second program.

IT and Web Developer

Horizon Media

4 Months

May 2013 – August 2013

- Improved Horizon Media’s photo galleries and image viewing webpage by performing photo optimizations, search engine optimization, and page layout changes to improve the loading speed of the webpage by over 50% and increasing web page visits by 14%.

- Courteously provided technical assistance to marketers and business strategists in a wide range of both software and hardware issues, solidifying my understanding and overall knowledge of computers, interpersonal, and problem solving skills.